It’s not easy finding a financial planner that will work for the client’s best interest.  Many financial planners that work for financial institutions are salespeople and are more interested in selling products than providing unbiased advice.

Our financial planners will help you balance your current financial needs against your long-term objectives.  We follow a structured process to create and implement a plan designed to help you maintain a disciplined approach towards achieving your financial goals.

financial management

Managing money is an essential part of any financial plan.  We will evaluate your current financial position and identify your current money management strategies, including your debt and credit management.

Once we have a clear picture of your existing cash flow, we will project that cash flow pattern into the future in a way that reflects your new objectives and money management strategies.

Our Financial Management process includes

  • Preparation of a statement of net worth
  • Preparation of a balance sheet
  • Preparation of a statement of lifestyle expenditures
  • Preparation of statement of cash flow
  • Monitoring your results, once a plan in in place

Our Asset Management process includes

  • Review and analyze of your current investment holdings & asset allocation
  • Determine the characteristics of your investment holdings and implications of acquiring/disposing of your assets
  • Ensure your investment objectives are aligned with your risk tolerance, time horizon & expected rate of return

asset management

When it comes to managing assets, we have ONE goal in mind.  To substantially grow our clients’ investment portfolios!

Once we have a solid comprehension of our client’s objectives and personal circumstances, we are able to develop a strategy where “not all your eggs are in one basket”.   We take our time reviewing and analyzing each and every investment portfolio.

Whether it’s an RRSP, TFSA, or a investment account, our concept of diversification is built on the principle that diversification will have a considerable impact on the composition and performance of our investor’s portfolios.

Studies show that “advised” investors show greater confidence about their retirement outlook, and they are more likely to retire comfortably.

risk management

The risk management process involves reducing fear of the unknown and increasing your confidence in the future.  We help you set your objectives while evaluating the risk and outcome of every specific situation.

Your risk management objectives should include the following:

  • ensure that the family unit has sufficient financial resources for certain amount of time in the event of a premature death of one or both spouses
  • ensure that the family unit has sufficient financial resources should either spouse become disabled, or critically ill
  • ensure minimal losses to the family unit in the event of a risk related to the family’s  home

Our Risk Management process includes

  • Review and analyze current existing insurance policies and identify potential financial obligations
  • Determine relative lifestyle and health issues & compare current risk exposures to existing coverage
  • Make recommendations and assist our clients in implementing the plan

Our Tax Planning process includes

  • Review and analyze prior years’ tax returns and notice of assessments
  • Evaluate your current tax strategies for suitability of your objectives
  • Make recommendations that will reduce or eliminate your tax obligations

tax planning

We bring the highest level of service and expertise to each of our clients by identifying tax planning opportunities that minimize both current and future tax liabilities.

Tax planning is a vital part for you and your family. Your current tax situation can have a big influence on your finances.  There are many tax planning strategies available and we can help identify ways to save you more money now and in the future with solutions you can implement right away.

We are always in the know with new legislation and tax laws, putting us in a proactive approach for all your tax planning needs.

retirement planning

Canadians are living longer and leading more active lives than ever as seniors. You should be asking: When can I retire? When should I start planning my retirement? How do I plan for retirement?  How much do I need to save for retirement?

Planning for your retirement is about managing your money so you can make the most of your retirement years. Your retirement plan should balance your needs, wants and the reality of your finances.

Our Retirement Planning process includes

  • Review and analyze all sources of retirement income (CPP, OAS, GIS, work pension)
  • Calculate potential expenses during your retirement years and your financial requirements
  • Develop retirement planning strategies to reduce income tax payable and maintain a stream of income

Our Estate Planning process includes

  • Review and analyze current legal agreements & documents that could impact your estate
  • Calculate potential expenses and taxes owing at death
  • Assess the specific needs of survivors & the liquidity of the estate upon death

estate planning

Estate planning is more than having a will prepared.  Its a comprehensive process that our team undertakes to ensure your loved ones are well cared for after your death, and that the transfer of assets to the intended beneficiaries takes places according to your wishes.  We work diligently to ensure that income taxes and probate fees are minimized without compromising your intentions.

The actions that you take while alive have a direct impact on the smooth transition of your estate.

Once we have a clear picture of your estimated net worth upon death, we are able to identify any constraints to meeting your estate planning objectives, potential taxes owing and any other final expenses.



Starting your first job

  • Investments
  • Tax Planning
  • Cash Flow & Debt Management

Living as a couple

  • Budgeting
  • Income Protection
  • Income Splitting
  • Life Insurance

Buying your First Home

  • First Time Home Buyers Plan
  • Mortgage Financing
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • House Insurance

Starting a Family

  • Life Insurance
  • Health  & Income Protection
  • Educational Savings Plans
  • Wills & Power of Attorneys


  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Living Benefits
  • Tax Planning


  • Income Splitting
  • Retirement Needs
  • RRIF & Annuities
  • Estate Planning & Transition