Shareholder Health Agreements

shareholder health agreements

The success of a company depends largely on the contribution of key leaders, employees and partners.  The sudden loss of one of these key contributors, even temporarily, can threaten the future of the company.  To help hedge this risk our Health Savings Agreements enable business leaders to protect against the economic risk caused by the serious illness of a shareholder or key employee.

It also enables the company to demonstrate its appreciation of a key employee by naming him or her the beneficiary of the health benefit.  This potentially substantial benefit is an effective and innovative way to reward and retain a key employee.

Some of our Executive Health Agreements benefits are:


  • Provides financial assistance to the company if a shareholder or key employee becomes critically ill or dies
  • Has a guaranteed payment of the critical illness, death and health (cancellation of the contract) benefits


  • Takes advantage of corporate and insurance tax opportunities
  • May provide a much higher rate or return than many other investments
  • Has no contribution limit (unlike RRSPs and TFSAs). However, contributions are limited to the actual premiums based on the amount of insurance the shareholder or key employee qualifies for.
  • Potential for a tax-free lump-sum benefit when the shareholder or key employee retires or when the company no longer needs the critical illness insurance.


  • Tailored to fit the coverage period the company needs. In other words, the company pays disbursements only for the actual coverage duration needed. This avoids impoverishing the company and confers no taxable benefit on the shareholder or key employee.
  • At the end of the coverage needed by the company OR when the insurance is no longer needed, the shareholder or key employee can:
    • Change the beneficiary and the policy owner without tax implications
    • Get the health benefit

Could your company manage without you for the next six months?  How would your company’s productivity and profitability be affected without your management?  Our  Health Savings Agreements are a business solution for ALL health risks!

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