Financial Solutions Link Corp. believes in providing one-on-one service with our customers.  Serving clients in the North York, Markham, Richmond Hill and surrounding areas, we are committed to a long-term philosophy that emphasizes quality and diversification in our insurance and investment products. Founded in 2002, our approach with our client relationships has not changed. With a vastly growing new clientele, our original clients of over 12 years still rely on us for their insurance, investment, accounting and tax planning needs. Representing most of the nation’s best insurance carriers, Financial Solutions Link Corp. will help you find the best coverage to meet your specific needs, whether it’s to protect yourself, your family, or your business.

Retirement Savings Portfolios, Group Pension Benefits, and Education Savings Plans are our specialty. We are here to respond to the needs of our clients with investment products that provide real solutions.

Financial Solutions Link has evolved and achieved significant milestones, one of them providing tax preparation and business advisory solutions for our clients through our partner Total Accounting & Financial Services.  With our new partner by our side, we are able to maximize each and every return and ensure that our clients benefit from every deduction and credit available to them. By accurate and efficient tax planning, we are further enabled to manage our clients’ investments and plan their goals in life and retirement, offering them piece of mind and financial security.

At Financial Solutions Link Corp., we are committed to go beyond doing the right thing because our dedication will make a good financial plan even better. Whichever stage you are in your life, starting a family, starting a business, newly wed or newly retired, Financial Solutions Link Corp. has the solutions to meet your needs and the solutions to lead you towards financial security.